Meditation Practice (private or group class)

This is offered as a 1 hour private or 2 hour group session to learn different meditation techniques and help you find the ones that best work for you.

Increased relaxation
Greater mental clarity
More energy
Reduced stress
Heightened ability to face life challenges
Deeper connection with life and yourself
Increased clarity on answers to struggling questions
General life balance and purpose

These are some of the reasons meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.  Many of us are missing out on some crucial teachings in our society that ancient
cultures have long understood.  Most of us were never given the right foundation growing up, the one that will lead to fulfillment, purpose and awareness.

* Whether you’re simply curious about the benefits of Meditation and/or Mindfulness
* Want to start to learn how to practice
* Have tried to start a practice but found it difficult to continue on a daily basis
* Have had a practice that was beneficial but your circumstances changed
* Feel that you need encouragement to continue with your current practice

$75.00 Private (1 hour)
$150.00 for group (2 hours)


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