Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas, E-RYT, CRM is an experienced certified and registered yoga teacher 
and received her yoga teacher training through the Lourdes Wholistic Institute in 2003.  She offers private and group sessions in yoga, Reiki, Light Grid Healing, meditation, drumming, personal growth classes and more.  She is an advanced energy intuitive specializing in clearing blockages and negative  programs out of the energy system for healing and advancement on one's path.  She has developed her skills through Master teachers to also include Light Grid healing work and some shamanic practices.


                   Professional Teacher and Practitioner



Clearing and Light Grid Activation
The activation awakens our original connection with the stars, and helps clean up our blue print, physical body, mind and soul. It cleans our DNA, and removes any programs and denser energies from the cells.   This also works with both family lines and past lives. It cleans the cells and resets them so their frequencies are in perfect harmony with the universe. It finds any heavy energies around the body in organs, bones, tissue and cells and helps release them, if the spirit is ready to learn from it and let go of them. It cleans the spine and activates the crystals that are in your body. The activation cleans any heavy energy from the brain and resets the frequency of the brain so you are a living channel in tune with the universe and the earth.



Reiki (rei-life ki-force)
Modern research strongly suggests that energy extends throughout our body and beyond.  Due to stress and our current life styles disruptions or imbalances in its flow correlate to physical, mental, and emotional illnesses. Many ancient cultures have always believed that life energy flows through the body which affects our body, mind, and emotions.  It is an ancient Japanese form of healing. 

Reiki Classes
Reiki Levels I, II & Mastership levels III and IV are available upon request.  These are each one full 8 hour days to be certified as a Reiki practitioner.  CEU credits are also available.  Contact Lisa for additional information. 



Emotional Cord Release
It seems we are always in the process of becoming, giving birth to who we are at this moment. In this process of birthing, becoming, is also the little deaths, the letting go of that which no longer serves us. This includes old relationships, old ways of acting, reacting, and interacting. What if we had some way of releasing the energy that we are still putting to that which is outdated?  One of the ways is through "Cord cutting"   



Meditation Practice (private or group class)
This is offered as a 1 hour private or  2 hour group session to learn different meditation techniques and help you find the ones that best work for you.
These are some of the reasons meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.  Many of us are missing out on some crucial teachings in our society that ancientcultures have long understood.  Most of us were never given the right foundation growing up, the one that will lead to fulfillment, purpose and awareness. 

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